Birthday Gifts For A Travel Junkie

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    It takes only one or two trips for someone to become a travel junkie, and they get addicted to the vibes of travelling and exploring new places way before they come to know about it. The fun and satisfaction that a travel junkie feels inside are divine. He/she is not the person who confined himself/herself in a 9 to 5 job or something that won’t allow travel. Such a person relates to the creative category of humans, and his/her wings should not be tied rather let free to fly high.

    If you know someone who is a travel junkie, then you must appreciate his/her interest by presenting relatable gifts on his/her birthday. Your gifts should be something which is helpful for a travel junkie or something that admires his/her love for travelling. 

    Portable Charger: – Gifting a portable charger to a travel junkie friend is a very thoughtful gesture. As he/she will be on the way most of the time, a portable charger becomes a need. Buy the one with large battery size, and it should be of reputed brand. There are so many options available in the market, and some portable chargers also come with covers.

    Water Bottle: – Drinking optimum amount of water is important to keep the body hydrated and active at all times. While travelling is a tiring task, your travel lover friend should always stay active to enjoy the trip and to make the most out of it. Hence, you can gift him/her a water bottle. You can also get the bottle personalized with his/her name or the picture. As the world is incorporating initiatives to tackle climate change, don’t give a bottle made of plastic.

    Wireless Earphones: – Travelling is fun, but it can be boring if there is no music. You can gift wireless earphones to your friend. You should prefer wireless earphones as they are easy to handle and don’t become a problem while doing other things. When you gift someone something, it should always be of quality. So, do not buy cheap earphones!

    Neck Pillow: – If your friend mostly travels through public transports and not his/her own vehicle, then it is so good to gift him/her a beautiful and comfortable neck pillow. It will render comfort and relaxation and will make long travelling easy. If you know the favourite colour of the person, then buy the neck pillow in that colour only.

    Travel Theme Cake: – We told you that a gift could also be something that admires and reflects the interest of the birthday person. Hence, the idea of presenting a travel theme cake is just perfect. You can send the cake through a bakery that provides same day cake in Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai or wherever your travel lover friend resides in. Sending a cake will be both a gift and treat!

    Compass: – Even when most of the smartphones come with an in-built compass, using an old-style compass while on a trip is great fun. Gifting a compass to a travel junkie on his/her birthday will motivate him/her to plan a trip where the compass would be an important thing to use. It means that your gifting gesture can take his/her love to the next level.

    Chocolates: – Chocolates act as the bar of energy and a great food item to kill small hunger pangs. A person who travels a lot can feel low on energy, and it will also be difficult for him/her to have snacks for small hunger pangs. So, gifting a box of chocolates or nutrition bars to a travel junkie on his/her birthday is a great idea. 

    A Camera: – If that travel junkie we are talking about is someone special for you then gifting a DSLR Camera is the best way to make him/her feel happy and overwhelmed. It will help the person to keep the trips and memories saved in clearer and better frames. There are so many cameras available in the market, and so you can buy the one that fits your budget. Don’t forget to read reviews over the internet before buying one. 

    Hotel Booking Vouchers: – Trips and hotels do have a relation! You can think of gifting hotel booking vouchers to the travel enthusiast on his/her birthday. It will ease the process of planning his/her next trip. And your gift will also save him/her some money that he/she can use for other things while on a trip.

    That’s all from our side!!

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