10 Best Photo Editing App For PC In 2021 Free

    Our best free photo editors will facilitate the transformation of your pictures – color correction, blemish removal, and much more. Everyone is now a photographer, thanks to smartphones and Instagram filters. However, only real photographers are aware of the importance of editing raw photos to display the best by using the best photo editing for PC.

    If you are a photographer, photo editing is part of your work. By editing, you can improve your amazing images by changing metrics such as exposure, white balance, and color.
    Moreover, you can reduce the size of your picture files by editing your images. Smaller pictures can increase the loading speed of your WordPress pages, thereby improve the rating of your search engine.

    Best Photo Editing App For PC Free

    Let’s look at some of the best photo editing app for PC:

    1. Adobe Lightroom: Best Photo Editing App For PC Free Download

    When you talk about photo editing photographers’ best tools, Adobe Lightroom cannot be ignored. When it comes to image editing, Adobe products are considered to be the gold standard. If Photoshop is too complicated and lengthy then you will love the easy, start-up interface of Lightroom that is the best app for photo editing for PC.

    The clean, simple workspace of Lightroom helps you to concentrate on your picture. You can quickly access your picture collection from the left-hand side so that you can switch between images while editing. You can find drop-down menus in the right-hand panel to quickly make modifications, add keywords to your pictures, and more.

    You may need to use the Lightroom horizontal tabs at the top of the workspace to get into your image editing. You may use lens correction, split tone, effects, and other essential changes to manipulate your picture.

    Lightroom holds your photo edits in a drop-down history in the left-hand panel of the development module. In this way your image edits can be readily scrolled back, modified and checked, before saving them with a custom preset. With a centralized photo editing platform, Lightroom distinguishes and makes it super intuitive to use.

    best app for photo editing for PC

    Key Features Of This Best Free Photo Editing App For PC:

    • Face detection
    • Gradient adjustments
    • Multiple devices supported
    • Fixing and blurring tools

    2. Skylum Luminar: Best App For Photo Editing In PC

    Luminar has fast become one of the most common editing tools for professional photographers worldwide for many reasons. One, rather than a monthly subscription like Adobe, pays a one-time flat fee to the program. And Luminar provides a lot of integrated tools and accessories, being the best photo editing for PC Windows 10.

    Believe it or not, Skylum Luminar is using the same Lightroom keyboard shortcuts. In that case, with the consistent keyboard shortcuts between the two applications, the switch to Luminar is simple. The comprehensive Luminar series from Skylum makes it even easier than ever to produce specific, stylized images.

    Skylum has its quality Looks packed, you can find them on the internet for free. Some of them are created by free photographers, but others by well-known, experienced photographers to help you get your looks. You can adjust the editor’s strength and adjust it to match your photo once you add the Luminar Look to your image. Even your bright looks can be created and saved, saving you long editing time.

    Best App For Photo Editing In PC

    Key Features Of This Photo Editing Best App For PC:

    • AI editor
    • Real filters
    • Different adjustment layers
    • Image layers

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    3. Adobe Photoshop: Best Photo Editing App For PC Windows 7

    Photoshop has proved to be an able and trustworthy editing tool for artists, illustrators, and designers worldwide. The reason many beginners strive to use Photoshop for photo editing is that it is the best photo editing app for Windows 8.1 PC.

    We will talk later about all the wonderful things Photoshop can do, but we know it’s trying to reduce the learning curve which offers organized workspaces. For instance, Photoshop’s brush, histogram panel, and selection instruments are on the fingertips of the workspace photography.

    On the other side, Photoshop’s 3D Panel and 3D Material Drummer are given priority in the 3D workspace. Of course, you can build and save your personalized workspace by getting acquainted with Photoshop and choosing which editing software you prefer. A personalized workspace with only your favorite software increases your editing speed and optimizes your workflow!

    Best Photo Editing App For PC Windows 7

    Key Features Of This Best App For Photo Editing PC:

    • Extensive filter
    • Pro tools
    • Advanced color retouching
    • Multi-layer editing

    4. GIMP: Top Photo Editing App For PC

    It is the best free photo editor around GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Programme). It is filled with the sort of image improvement resources that you will find in premium apps, and more are added each day. The toolkit for photo editing is awesome and contains textures, filters, curves, and levels.

    With excellent clone stamp and healing tools, you can easily erase faults, make custom-designed brushes, add changes in perspective, and use clever tools to adjust isolated areas. GIMP is a free, open-source photo editor with a range of plugins designed by its users and developers to enhance its use. It is the best free photo editing app for PC.

    Many of those are installed before installation and can be downloaded from the official glossary. You can also install Photoshop plugins if that is not sufficient. Gimp is more than just a picture editing app, unlike the other programs on the list. It’s a program to manipulate an image. This is the most advanced online image editor. This is more than any other Instagram template used by scientists, graphic designers, illustrators, and want-to-be.

    Top Photo Editing App For PC

    Key Features Of This Best Photo Editing App For PC:

    • Advanced tools
    • Multi-platform support
    • Ad-free interface
    • Easy to use

    5.Ashampoo Photo Optimizer: Best Photo Editing App For PC Free

    Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 is an easy and fast way to change your photos look – either individually or in batches. Although the built-in Windows Photos software provides many of the same functionality (including trimming, rotation, and color correction), you can only edit a picture at a time, which can consume many times if you have more than a handful of them.

    In addition to several other useful features you won’t find at most free photo editors, Ashampoo photo optimizers 2019 offers full instructions, but the simplified interface is self-explanatory. The app comes with a collection of images to test, but if you prefer, you will be able to delete them and start working immediately with your images.

    The Auto Optimize button is one of the main attractiveness of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 and, as opposed to a few other methods, analyses an image and applies several modifications to enhance its sharpness, color, and brightness, but it can’t be used for the batch modification.

    It is an interesting concept and especially good for landscapes, but we noticed that it often raises the luminosity for other topics too much and leads to photos that look washed. This is the best photo editing app for PC free download.

    Best Photo Editing App For PC Free

    Key Features Of This Best App For Photo Editing For PC:

    • Free to use
    • Automatic controls
    • Sleek user interface
    • One-click enhancement

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    6. Fotor: Best Free Photo Editing App For PC

    Photo Editor Free Windows Fotor is an ideal tool if you have a few images on your PC that you want to put on canvas and hang them on a wall. Fotor is equipped with software and filters to enhance the image so that photos look best. It supports all common image file formats and even RAW file processing – a function you might expect of photo editing software at full price.

    Contrary to the popular GIMP open source IMO editor, Fotor can’t compete with Photoshop’s variety of tools, browsers, and plugins. Fotor is filled with one-click filters to improve your pictures based on the conditions and topics. E.g. artificial lighting, sunset, portrait, theatre, scenery, etc. This is the best app for photo editing in PC.

    Fotor provides a good selection of image software in return for the strange non-too distracting ad. Specific effects are applied, frames and borders can be added, the images look better, and fuzzy effects can also be achieved by reclining that would usually require a costly camera. The main focus here is on quick performance, so for instance Fotor has 13 different one-tap scenes you can use to alter the look of your photos fully.

    Best Free Photo Editing App For PC

    Key Features Of This Best Photo Editing App For PC Windows 10:

    • Free to use
    • Easy to use
    • Free collage tools
    • Different file converters

    7. Paint.NET: Photo Editing Best App For PC

    Paint.NET is a versatile free photo editor, offering features like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. Paint.NET has layers that allow you to edit specific image areas, or to create an image from various parts. There’s also a Gradient tool, a simple text editor, a strong zoom feature, and even a Clone Stamp tool for cleaning grain pictures.

    You can use Paint.NET to change the lighting, color, contrast, curve, saturation, and level of the picture without using a range of special effects that can blur, sharpen, deform, emboss, and with only a couple of clicks erase the annoying red-eye effect from your images.
    Anyone using Adobe Photoshop or other premium photo editors should get acquainted with its simple GUI.

    Paint.NET is intuitive enough to make total beginners easily understand. In the left-hand panel, all typical instruments with filters and other adjustments are displayed as icons in the drop-down menus. Once your photographs look great, you can use vignette and sepia filters to create a retro look for Instagram-style vintage effects.

    Paint.NET supports user-created plugins, adding additional filters and functions. We especially like the Liquify extension which allows you to warp pictures just like the same-name Photoshop tool. It is the best photo editing app for PC Windows 7.

     Photo Editing Best App For PC

    Key Features Of This Best Photo Editing App For Windows 8.1 PC:

    • Plugin support
    • Retro touch
    • Free to use
    • Advanced editing tools

    8. Photoscape: Best App For Photo Editing PC

    But look at his main menu, and you will find a wealth of features: a raw conversion, division of and fusion of photos, animated GIF design, and even an unusual feature that lines, graphs, or sheet music papers can be printed on. The GUI of PhotoScape is one of the most esoteric apps we’ve looked at here, with resources clustered in strange configurations in pages.

    Surely she does not want to ape Photoshop and features less. The PhotoScape filters are advanced so you can easily level up, sharpen or apply mild filtering to photographs in a snap if you have the right option. But the main toolkit is PhotoScape’s best feature, notwithstanding the many extras.

    The editor is remarkably strong and all choices are self-explanatory and well-labeled. This is a guide for beginners, and you are encouraged to play with the many filters and see what happens. There is the ever-present Undo or Undo Everything feature if you want to wipe away the slate clean if you take it too far.

    It is particularly welcoming to be able to create something impressive by tinking with PhotoScape even beginners in the world of image editing – and this is the gateway to try new stuff and get more adventurous. This is the top photo editing app for PC.

    Best App For Photo Editing PC

    Key Features Of This Best Free Photo Editing App For PC:

    • Sleek user interface
    • Impressive tools
    • RAW image editor
    • Batch editing function

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    9. Pixlr X: Best Photo Editing App For PC

    Pixlr X is Pixlr Editor’s successor, which for many years has been among our favorite online photo editors. Pixlr X is improving its predecessor several times. It is based on HTML5 instead of Flash, so it can be used on any modern browser. It’s also sleek and well built, featuring a Photoshop Express-like interface and a choice of dark or light colors.

    With Pixlr X, you can make smooth color and saturation shifts, sharpen and blur images and blend multiple images, vignette effects, and frames. Also, there is the support for painting and drawing software, which you can not find in several free online photo publishers and a range of tools. If you choose to use Pixlr X, you can simply pick the image from your desktop or enter a URL. It is the best photo editing app for PC free.

    Icons on the left of the GUI are built around a toolbar. Most are self-explanatory, but if any are unaware, a detailed explanation of their function can be found through each one. Most photo editors online offer image-cutting tools but Pixlr X includes also a range of cutting tools – form, lasso, drag, and magic – to shift, erase or transfer a selected part of the image to a different layer. This enables you to compose complex picture compositions.

    Best Photo Editing App For PC

    Key Features Of This Best App For Photo Editing For PC:

    • Layer support
    • Simple interface
    • Advanced editing tools
    • Self-explanatory tools

    10. PiZap: Best Free Photo Editing App For PC

    PiZap is available in both HTML5 and Flash editions free of charge online photo editor, making it suited for any laptop. A picture on your hard disc, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Search, or a store catalog is available. You can also use your photos through this best app for photo editing in PC.

    This is an impressive option but only paid subscribers can find any stock images, and you will have to look for copyright problems if you use Google Images directly. The editing interface of piZap has a dark, modern design that uses sliders heavily to change quickly – a system much better than difficult icons and menus if you use the touchscreen.

    When you’re finished, you’ll be able to share your development on all major social networks, and on PiZap’s Dropbox and Google Drive own servers. You can also backup your hard drive, email it, or pick up an embed code. If you open your wallet for a Premium Editor, you can only export your job in high quality, but this is unlikely to be an issue for silly social sharing.

    Best Free Photo Editing App For PC

    Key Features Of This Best Photo Editing App For PC Windows 10:

    • Stock images
    • Social media templates
    • High-resolution pictures
    • Different catalogs available

    Enhance Photography Using Best Photo Editing App For PC Free

    If you are a photographer, photo editing is part of the work. You can improve your already amazing images by changing parameters including exposure, white balance, and color. By editing Furthermore, editing the photographs helps reduce the image file size. This is of particular importance if you intend to share your photographs on your photography website or social media account online.

    So, we have provided you with a valuable list of the best photo editing apps for PC free. We hope that these tools bring your creativity in an unstoppable manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Is Lightroom or Photoshop better for editing photos?

    Lightroom has a much more basic interface in comparison to Photoshop, meaning users who already have experience with editing software may be able to get to grips with Lightroom much quicker. Lightroom users can apply preset edits across a range of photos all at the same time.

    • Is there free Photoshop?

    There are many free versions of Photoshop, GIMP being the most famous one.

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