List Of Funny Memes In 2021

    We’re here in the middle of the year 2021, not as the year before. Yes, we’re all sick, but one of the previous year’s few good points was, all the additional time we had to spend online pottery, resulted in some very chosen pieces.

    So we’ve gathered a list of funny memes of 2021 for you:

    20. Ermahgerd

    The Ermahgerd girl is always nice to listen to in early adolescence. The girl is always good. She’s excited and you don’t miss that version of you, kind of? It is a funny easter memes.

    19. The Most Interesting Man In The World

    The most fascinating person in the world is confident enough to make such a joke. This meme style is still in popularity and has been adapted from the commercial campaign Dos Equis with this cosmopolitan man. It can be one of the best funny teacher memes.

    18. Awkward Moment Seal

    That tiny man is the nicest guy to accompany all the awful times of life. The awkward moment seal will have your back if you want to cringe till you physically disintegrate. It is one of the best funny memes clean. 

    17. Drakeposting

    For his song “Hotline Bling,” Drake did not stop at the movements of the video. And so he produced an accidentally excellent meme to say that one item is far more important to you than another. It is one of the best funny work memes.

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    16. If It Sits, I Sits

    If it’s right, I’m sitting down is wonderful for anybody who loves to stare at cats in containers that can’t hold them, which is great for everyone. Even the biggest cats are subject to this regulation, as you can see. It comes in the list of funny animal memes. 

    15. Classical Art Memes

    Classical art reports demonstrate that certain human activities go beyond time limits. The revered painters who were commemorated in museums across the world also had a sense of humor, as their memorial work reveals. This comes in the list of funny birthday memes.

    14. Distracted Boyfriend

    AKA Man Looking at Other Wife, distracted boyfriend, is a consequence of a ludicrous photograph that has been taking a storm across the internet. The meme has a very self-explanatory effect: “the other lady” in the shot is what distracts you—and shouldn’t be. It is one of the funny memes for kids.

    13. Kim Kardashian In Bed

    The Kardashians have spread over the Internet, therefore it is no wonder they are the source of many funny memories. This one is handy, as Kim Kardashian looks blankly, each time that someone else doesn’t want you to say or do something. This comes in the list of clean funny memes.

    12. Crying Dawson

    Years after the original airing, a weeping scene from the 1990s teenager Drama Dawson’s Creek become a vehicle for nostalgia. The guy who offered us greater yet James Van Beek’s actor Crying Dawson suffices from a nice sport to offer us a new version for our meme files again. It is one of the best and funny thanksgiving memes.

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    11. Woman Yelling At Confused Cat

    Bravo Housewife Taylor Armstrong is the lady concerned, and no, she didn’t cry out for an innocent kitten. But Internet magic was created when someone put the pet Smudge, who doesn’t appreciate a vegetarian diet side-by-side in this screenshot. This is a good example of memes funny.

    10. Once COVID Is Over

    The end of this epidemic is on the horizon, they say, but all that chatter about what preparations are going on only a few months into the future seems to be desirable thoughts for those of us who want to keep our hopes low to prevent deception. The vaccine is REAL, it is HERE. We still get the feeling that Sisyphus is pushing our stupid tiny stone up the foolish hills. It can easily be categorized into funny Easter memes.

    All has changed and nothing has changed. All has changed. You overhauled your perspective and were kept in static condition. You were a thousand years old and your life was stopped. Bloody, sweetheart. This is a strange atmosphere right now, as the UK has been locked for the first time for one year. It is one of those funny memes about life.

    Spring’s on the way to the notion of the madman ending all the insane ones by the end of June – see below – but it is a sickening feeling that it’s doubtful that things will get perfectly planned. It’s a meme, yeah, but here’s a half-grave point: we’re cranked.

    9. Sea Shanty TikTok

    For a short time, because everybody was locked down for months, shanties on the sea became TikTok’s trendiest course. A 26-year-old Scot post worker and musician called Nathan Evans released a video of himself singed “The Wellman,” a whaling song from the 19th century originally from New Zealand, and started his appetite for these antique boat shoots. Soon there have been remixes, Kermit renditions of the frog, and fragments of thought. The culture of Shanty was unavoidable and highly attractive. Sea Shanty is a nice and funny Christmas memes.

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    8. Bean Dad

    An extremely long thread about a parent transforming his hungry little child into a ‘teachable moment’ when Twitter switched the author, Jon Roderick, podcasters, on and told him to stop tormenting his poor child. The failures prompted Roderick to deactivate his account with allegations of anti-Semitic and homophobic comments, a popular podcast by My Brother, My Brother and Me, and somehow temporary Jeopardy! It is one of those funny memes for students. It is one of those funny work memes.

    7. Myanmar Coup Fitness Instructor

    Times are still rather gloomy, and our extreme internet sense of humor suitably becomes darker. The Myanmar nation experienced a military coup d’état at the beginning of February as if everything else was not enough. In addition to the news that the government was taken over by the military, this footage shows a fitness teacher who teaches a live class completely ignoring that behind it tanks are breaking the barricade. “Me,” we all said, as we all attempt to spend our days when there is total pandemonium around us. This is one of the very funny memes.

    6. You Had To Be There

    If you want funny memes in English, then look nowhere. There were only you had to be! One thing we have to do to get through the next several weeks, endlessly scroll through the memories of our dreadful clothes, our accessories sold by the fashion world, and the truly strange television we used to watch. It is a funny anime memes. A meme that arose randomly in celebration of the nostalgic and weird objects and shows from our past. The children of the 90s are back.

    5. Don’t Worry About Vaccine

    One year into a worldwide epidemic, you would expect that the arrival of many COVID-19 vaccinations would be near-universal jubilation. Naturally, owing to the tendency of our culture for conspiracy theories, many people wonder how ‘safe’ are vaccinations themselves, as they are created and authorized as soon as possible. They are asking, “BuT wHaT is iN tHEm? Likely, you don’t have to worry about it, according to this meme. People understand that these are not only funny memes for girls.

    In early April a New York Times published just such title. “The stone is not our personality,” stated the subheader. “It’s more like dunes of sand.” The po-faced, highly NYT-toned folks into being as happily dumb as possible. Maybe Hayden Christensen will be your new person after the epidemic. It can be grouped into funny dog memes.

    4. Bernie Sanders Inaugration Fit

    Coming into the funny animal memes, Bernie Sanders has come flawlessly together for the cold DC weather at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. But when a photographer caught him waiting for the opening knees to be crossed, he became an immediate meme with the whole show. Bernie may easily be taken out of context and wait somewhere impatiently. He may be a Soprano’s cast or Sex and the town cast. In Uncut Gems, put him! For Bernie, any place is a nice place and it gives us funny birthday memes.

    3. Agatha All Along

    Kathryn Hahn has not been the not-so-secret WandaVision MVP from the first episode, but she became the greatest celebrity on the internet when her neighbor, a nosy one who was not a suburb, was eventually uncovered. Much appreciation to Agatha for the unbelievably catchy song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, which rapidly became a trapping smash. Pair this to Agnes/marvelously Agatha’s loose vision of a previous episode and you feel. Feels good to see clean funny memes after so long. 

    WandaVision did not pump out many memes, but the stage wink by Kathryn Hahn was disclosed to be a witch in hiding all the time as the series reaches its conclusion. It’s the same as Evil Kermit which was funny teacher memes. your typical purpose against reality spin, except this time the titles are more cerebral.

    2. Weekend’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

    The halftime of Weeknd’s Super Bowl was exquisite and off-putting, and for a very odd year, it was the right quantity. No aspect of the concert caught memorabilia’s hearts and minds more than when the pop diva arrived at a lights tunnel and performed “Can’t Feel My Face” straight on the camera as it swung around. The outlook was somewhat nauseous but also a big joke material. It is one of those funny memes for kids. Not a funny thanksgiving memes, but purely superb.

    1. Texas Lawyer With Cat Filter

    The future of the epidemic will be an awful zoom background and face filter, which is the equivalent of what is involved in airplane food? But it doesn’t mean you will in no way be immune to Texas’ frantic explanation from lawyer Rod Ponton to Judge Roy Ferguson of the 394th district of the Texas court system, simply because you have seen it previously: “I’m here, live, I’m not a cat. 

    Ponton is lovingly professional, who looks to be truly imprisoned inside the face of a young cat. It is one of those funny memes clean. After all, who doesn’t want funny cat memes? 

    Make Your Day With Funny Memes

    2021 was, to say the least, quite a year. While it is likely that 2020 was the worst and that the world is gradually returning to normal, 2021 was still just eventful. Sometimes laughing is the only way to pass the craziness. Fortunately, it can produce some of the best funny memes if the world is in disarray. And trust us, the best funny memes of 2021 are going to make you chuckle. We hope these memes funny make your day.

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