Best DDR4 RAM 2021: The Best Memory for Your PC2021 (Updated List)

    There are so many PC components that you can think about when you build or upgrade your PC, with only a few components more puzzling than memory (or RAM). It may seem at the baseline easy because the RAM is capable of thinking, while for mid-to-high-end systems 8GB to 16GB are usually appropriate. However, as you dig deeper, choosing the best DDR4 RAM becomes astonishingly complex.

    RAM has become one of the hottest specs of the hardware, but it does not mean “more is fine” beyond that. Though we’re not here to talk about this, we’re here to make sure you purchase the best DDR4 RAM sticks for you.

    Best DDR4 RAM In 2021

    We got you covered, regardless of whether you are searching for budget RAM kits here or the fastest RAM on the market. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, that’s all right, too. To make sense of all these facts and to decide on the best RAM for you, we added a buyer’s link with the DDR4 to make things easier for you:

    For a whole host of PC components and accessories, including radiators, pumps/reservoirs, PSUs, boxes, flash storage, boxes, and, of course, RAMs, Corsair is the most trustworthy in the industry. For more than a 10-year era, the Vengeance Series has been one of its famous offerings. Due to the offerings that it provides, it is the best buy DDR4 RAM.

    In addition to the addition of the LED, this RAM has robust heat spreaders that optimize cooling to improve overclocking and speed. The PC4-25600 CL16 provides the best combination of performance, aesthetics, and a competitive price tag, making it the best DDR4 RAM gaming on our lists.

    Corsair’s kit beat the overall output of our previous favorite HyperX Predator RGB at every speed, except for the DDR4-4000 setting it didn’t hit. The Corsair also has an XMP value that is higher and lower than the competition, making Vengeance RGB Pro the uncompromising winner and an outstanding addition to your next RGB.

    Key Features Of This Best Gaming RAM DDR4:

    • Best DDR4 RAM for gaming
    • RGB lighting 
    • Next-gen software
    • Ultra-fast speed
    • Team XTREEM ARGB: Best RAM DDR4

    The TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB memory DDR4-3600 is commonly known as one of the best gaming RAM PC4-28800s on the market. It is, however, not as popular, and instead, you can choose the CL18 version. The 16GB (8GB x 2) pack costs about 10 dollars less and should overclock to the extreme like a charm. ARGB is the best budget DDR4 RAM.

    The Xtreem Kit is the way in low-latency RAM favorites with game PCs, in particular, AMD Ryzen platforms with a latency of 14 CAS. This is the best place to choose from for the best RAM to play. Even the RGB light is held in moderation with this package. Each DIMM contains RGB light diffused, producing a glowing effect in the dark. 

    And though on paper this doesn’t sound impressive, it’s amazingly clever in the body. The Team Xtreem ARGB kit is a fantastic choice if you want to get rid of all the products you have for your CPU and ensure that you have a refreshing look at your machine.

    Key Features Of This Best DDR4 RAM For Laptop:

    • RGB lighting
    • Affordable pricing
    • 1:1 ratio of processor
    • Low power consumption
    • Crucial Ballistix Sport: Best DDR4 3200 RAM

    If you’d like the best budget RAM, don’t look: you’ve covered the Critical Ballistix Sport LT Kit. The DDR4 RAM Kit has two 4GB DIMMs, each with a rating of 2666 MHz, which is slightly higher than the DDR4 RAM 2400 MHz norm. While this difference in 266 MHz does not make a huge difference in performance, it is a great choice and indicates better quality than many DDR4 RAM sticks that are designed for lower clocks.

    It is always necessary to buy from a renowned manufacturer when purchasing PC RAM cheaply. Fortunately, producers such as Crucial, ADATA, and Patriot are still covering this price range, supplying anyone who wants it with cheap RAMs. This means that while budget RAM is considered, it’s still good for gaming and one of the best choices for 8GB RAM as well. This beauty provides the best DDR4 RAM speed.

    This is the package for you if you are designing a new computer and you don’t want to invest too much in RAM. Make sure you don’t make the error of buying one RAM stick, which will prevent you from running in dual-channel mode, which might bother your machine.

    Key Features Of This Best Buy RAM DDR4:

    • Low price
    • Ideal for gamers
    • Camo heat spreader
    • Multi-channel memory
    • Patriot Viper Steel: Best DDR4 RAM For Z270 Series

    Patriot’s Viper Steel DDR4-4400 16GB kit is an excellent high-performance choice for those with a panel that can accommodate its high speed and games or working loads. By keeping the kit plain, Patriot has made it possible to equip the Viper Steel with improved times that greatly improve some programs’ performances, including some games. 

    The Viper Steel DDR4-4400 is still competitive on the market of pure gaming devices and based structures built for unique tasks. XMP profiles DDR4-4400 and DDR4-4266 have the same improved primary timings of 19-19-19-39, but this choice of “as easy as” maybe an over-setting. This is the best DDR4 RAM for the money.

    Since no profile worked with our Maximus XI Hero even after its firmware has been updated to version 0805. We find both profiles fully stable at their respective 1,45V and 1.35V when swapped in the Maximus XI Gene two-slot.

    Key Features Of This Best DDR4 3200 RAM:

    • Overclocking capability
    • Compatible with RGB software
    • Latency-tuning capacity
    • High speed
    • G.SKILL Trident: Best DDR4 2400 RAM

    These RAM kits are likely to be the best on the market, depending of course on your individual preferences. They’re beautiful for me. With its all-metallic nature for heat dispenser, the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal RAM is extremely fun to watch when active, along with the crystallized RGB lighting effect for the top, making it the best gaming DDR4 RAM.

    These RAM modules are also superbly in-game even during extreme workloads, as well as a nice appearance. With XMP 2.0 support, it’s easy to bump the default speed to what G.SKILL says, but you can even get a little more out of the RAM.

    What could put you off the Trident Z Royal is the price far higher than the Corsair Vengeance. These modules are also a little bulky and hence it is more important for you to search your favorite CPU cooler for clearance.

    Key Features Of This Top Rated DDR4 RAM:

    • RGB capability
    • Unbuffered multi-channel kit
    • Heat spreader
    • Low power consumption
    • Corsair Dominator Platinum: Best Budget DDR4 RAM

    With Dominator Platinum RGB, Corsair has outdone itself. The original DDR4 package has for quite some time been our favorite high-end storage bundle. Its stylish exterior and proprietary DHX cooling technology, together with its unparalleled performance, have made it an incredible flagship over the years. Now, Corsair’s latest Capellix LED technology and steady new concept are back in the iconic Dominator Platinum.

    The Dominator Platinum RGB performs the original in the same class, adds higher-clock SKUs and 12 Capellix RGB LEDs that can be individually addressed. The new LEDs, which are only available from the company, are lighter and more powerful than before. In conjunction with iCUE software from Corsair, the Dominator Platinum RGB has become the best RGB and the most powerful package. It is surely the best DDR4 RAM for laptop.

    The price is not too much different from the original non-RGB Dominator Platinum, but compared to other kits referred to in this guide you still receive a heavy premium. We still think that every penny is worth it if you can afford to buy whatever skill kit you want.

    Key Features Of This Best DDR4 RAM Speed:

    • High speed
    • High performance
    • Different variants
    • Premium craftsmanship 
    • HyperX Fury: Best Buy RAM DDR4

    A good budget alternative to HyperX Predator’s more costly memory can be found in HyperX Fury RGB DDR4. In a bundle that seems more engaging to us, it essentially provides the same features. HyperX stick heatsinks are less violent and more elegant than those used on Predator modules.

    This RAM is also available in different working frequencies and is available in all sizes. From single, 8GB sticks to solid 128GB kits, ideal for workstations. In other words, this is an outstanding DDR4 gaming memory with competitive prices and a variety of choices. Cool RGB lighting is also included. It is the best DDR4 RAM for Z270.

    If you want Kingston RAM consistency, but you’re not prepared to make an extra payment, get the HyperX Fury memory. It has fair prices and an outstanding Kingston RGB app. It supports a variety of third-party brand RGB applications as well.

    Keys Features Of This Best DDR4 3200 RAM:

    The G.Skill Ripjaws V is G.Skill’s second-generation DDR4 memory and it is clear that the company has listened to consumer reviews and critics. The heat sink is cheaper, quicker, and less sluggish. The 16 GB Ripjaws V kit was the best choice for a good, high-performance unit.

    Ripjaws V was extremely good at our benchmarks without overclocking and beat many kits in the 2.400MHz series without overclocking. Nevertheless, with a simple bump in voltage, you can always hit an overclock of 2800 – 3000MHz.

    You can also cross 3,200MHz or higher, but you possibly encounter some stability problems. G.Skill Ripjaws V is difficult to overcome with a fair price, whether running or overclocked. This is the best DDR4 2400 RAM.

    Key Features:

    • Latest Intel technology
    • Dual-channel kit
    • High performance
    • Low latency
    • Thermaltake TOUGHRAM: Best Gaming DDR4 RAM 

    Thermaltake took his RAM and decided it was simply not possible to make simple heat propagators of metal. So here’s RGB and water-cooled RAM. You read this properly; now you can cool your RAM with water. You can do this by taking your water-cooling loop and adding your RAM to the mix.

    This will allow you to overclock the modules and enjoy lower operating temperatures with additional headroom. But it’s not just about Thermaltake looks though. XMP support for profiles and stable all-around results. It is the top best DDR4 RAM.

    The poor thing is the cost of the WaterRam RGB Thermaltake kits. You are forced to split up significant amounts of cash on a 16GB package. But it’s just a killer RAM solution if you’re all about looks. Make sure that a 5V RGB header is on your motherboard.

    Key Features Of This Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming

    • 10 bright LED colors
    • Amazon Alexa compatible
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Overclocking performance 
    • OLOy DDR4 RAM: Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming

    In contrast with the steep prices during shortages some years ago, RAM was pretty cheap. You can still see some of the lowest rates with OLOy Owl. These two batons provide 3,200 MHz for RAM speeds, which cost under 00$, which are surprisingly fast. And for such an inexpensive alternative, they are also relatively latency. It is the best buy DDR4 RAM.

    You only need to ensure that the motherboard supports XMP and DDR4-3200 if you want to ensure that you use all the speeds available on these sticks. You also should ensure that the slightly tall heat diffusion of the RAM modules are readily available in your CPU cooler.

    Key Features Of This Best Gaming RAM DDR4:

    • Lifetime warranty
    • Compatible with Intel & AMD
    • High frequency
    • Automated overclocking technology

    Buying Guide Of Best DDR4 RAM For Gaming (Or For Any Other Process)

    We have broken down the components of best buy DDR4 RAM into the following specifications:

    • Hardware Limitations

    You should know what your hardware limitations would be before even beginning to look at memory kits. DDR4 RAM class has been the most common type of memory for more than a quarter of a century now, but you will need to find DDR3 memory if you have an Intel 5th Generation Broadwell or old machine.

    • Motherboard Specifications

    You would also want to look at the specifications on your motherboard and see how quickly it can memory. If your motherboard, for example, can only accommodate 2.400MHz, spending any extra money on 3,200 MHz is useless.

    • Purpose Of Buying Best DDR4 RAM

    About how much memory you need to play, RAM 8GB is pretty much the least these days and most games can be played without a problem. In the meantime, 16GB of memory allows your machine to extend itself and to your computer. If you’re just playing, adding more memory to 16GB would be honestly a waste. 

    If you work in a creative area such as video editing, 3D model rendering, and other forms of visual media development, it would be helpful to have 32GB or more of a memory.

    • Check The Memory Speed

    For memory speed, DDR4 memory should be tested which works near to or beyond 2.400MHz—or 2400MT/s, as it is on packaging and online. Users buying DDR3 RAM can at least aim for a 1,866 MHz memory, and better for closing it to 2,000 MHz. You don’t have to buy the fastest RAM either because your memory can be overclocked easily.

    • Check Memory Timings & CAS Latency

    Cas Latency (CL) and memory timing is an additional feature that you should be aware of when selecting the memory. Timings indicate mainly the total cycle number needed to send data to the RAM. 

    The timings specified in the memory specs are to be found as four numbers with screens such as “16-18-18-36” interrupted and the first number typically shows the CAS latency, in this situation, it would be CAS 16. You need to be careful about RAM, which is extremely fast, but which is very latency.

    Bottom Line

    It is important to keep in mind clock speed, latency, required violation number, design, price, and the compatibility of your motherboard and processor when searching for DDR4 RAM for your desktop computer. Most modern boards and CPUs support 3200MHz and higher clock speeds, but double-checking are worth it.

    If you build a new system or update your computer, it’s a safe way to make it run a bit fast with the addition of one of the best RAM kits. Moreover, it is also the cheapest way to boost the performance of your device to improve better or more memory.


    • Which DDR4 RAM is best?
    1. Corsair Vengeance
    2. Patriot Viper series
    3. G. SKILL Trident
    • Which brand of RAM is best?
    1. Corsair
    2. Patriot 
    3. Kingston
    • Is 32GB RAM overkill?

    The short answer to this question is, no, you don’t need 32GB RAM for your supreme PC processes.

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