Beginner’s Guide to Find the Best Mitts and Pads for Boxing

    Ever had a nightmare? The sort that, for a minute looks almost too real? Like the one that doesn’t let you sleep in peace for the next few days?

    Now a boxer in the making, in a similar situation. His worst nightmare? To never be able to perfect his skill to win a bout, to never reach the apex of glory he has been dreaming of. All because; he just didn’t practice right.

    Some story of sheer horror.

    The choice of a quality trainer is hence as important for an aspiring professional boxer or even somebody using it as a workout routine. Well if you’re at the training end of this relationship or would like to be one someday, here’s your chance to learn a few elementary and fundamental points for a smarter purchase decision for the focus mitts and pads.

    Understanding the structure

    Before we delve into understanding the basic characteristics of punch mitts that can help one make the right selection, we have to know what all this part of a boxer’s arsenal is made of.

    Simply put, the punch mitts or the focus mitts based on the following key elements

    • A target: the key element that comes in contact with the trainee boxer’s glove. The target is made of thick foam padding cut into a wide, often partially circle, shape. It is not only a firm surface to practice the punches against but also a protection for the holder’s hand.
    • Back glove: this is the target’s support and a wearable part of the mitts.
    • Wrist band: the mitts are held securely on to the holder’s hand with this essential element, as the name rightly suggests.

    Essentials to look for?

    Here’s a few important points to look out for when making the purchase

    Shock absorbance

    If your reflex response is a question mark on how to measure this, then we aren’t surprised.

    The thickness and quality of foam padding that is filled into the target is a key determinant of the level of shock or impact it would be able to absorb. The result is not only protection of the holder’s hands or the but also a firmer ground for better practice of those jabs, upper cuts and angle punches.

    Keep an eye on this one to make the right choice.

    Size of the target

    A large surface area a surety to more security for the holder against the punches and easier punching for the fighter. However, do keep in mind to not compromise the control that a reasonable size would give you as a holder as that would be more important in training the fighter better on punching styles.

    Additionally, it would help to ensure having the back glove size fit snugly on the hand so that the control is better and comfortable.

    Cover for finger protection

    The cover on the mitts is often optional and serves the primary purpose of saving the holder’s fingers that are at a risk of being hurt or worse, injured in case the fighter misses the contact with the target.

    Why risk putting yourself through pain when there’s a solution available already.

    Reliability of the brand

    Not many might say this out loud but this one’s quite important. If nothing else, the brand’s reliability can better indicate the quality of the materials used as well as the trust of so many other trainers in the products marketed by it.

    That said, you can even look for brands that are reliable in terms of product quality and also allow you a display of your personality and style; they offer the option to have customized punch mitts. Sometimes they may cost you a bit more but what is price against passion and style? Besides, as a boxer or a boxing trainer, it is always best to value quality over price especially because quality is at the core of reliability.

    Are we missing something here? What more should one have in mind when shopping for the mitts? How did you find you best training partner, your mitts and pads?

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