Bedding, Comforter, Duvet for a Good Night’s Sleep

    It is said, a person spends at least one-third of their life in bed, sleeping. When we spend so much time in it, it only makes sense to be careful that our mattresses are inviting, comfortable and clean to look at. This not only gives us a good night’s sleep but also helps in making the mornings fresh feeling rejuvenated.

    Invest in a durable and bedding set as well as a duvet or comforter sets. You may get confused as to which one you should buy. People also get confused between terms such as duvet covers, blankets, quilts and dohars.

    Tips To A Complete Bedding Guide:

    1.    Packaged Bedding Set

    A set comes complete with a fitted sheet, top sheet, a comforter, bed covers as well as one-two pillow covers. Make sure while buying these, you check out the fabric. The material that comes in contact with your skin is essential. Hence, it is suggested that you use 100% cotton.

    Cotton is helpful all around the year, in all seasons. In winter, it traps the heat and cool air pass through during the summer month. You may come across bed sheets which are not made out of 100% cotton, in such times, check if the synthetic fiber content is higher or cotton to understand the quality.

    2.    The Size of Your Bed Sheet and Duvet Set

    Always check the dimensions of your bed before buying. Whether you’re buying a bed sheet or blankets online, depending on the size of your bed, sheets, as well as comforter sets, are available in various sizes like twin, twin XL, full, queen, king or California king bed.

    If you do not check and buy, you may receive sheets which are either too small, and you’ll have to struggle at each corner to fit it.

    3.    Selecting the Style of Your Blanket

    According to the theme of your bedroom and your home decor, select the style and colour of your bedding. For a sleek and contemporary look, opt for sets which feature the latest design such as geometrical design or classic solid colours.

    You can also go for subdued patterns and minimal colours for a more aesthetic view. With a monochrome palette, add a shade of pop in the modern design of your comforter. 

    4.    The Fabric of Your Comforter

    Of course, your comforter has to look pleasing, but more importantly, it has to be able to do the function it is meant for. They have to be comfy and soft. According to the season, you’ll find a wide variety of materials for comforter sets. On the more expensive side, you’ll find down or feather comforters.

    For the vegan and those who are allergic to down, they’ll also find comforters filled with synthetic feathers. Cotton and cotton blend is the best seller and best choice when it comes to comforter sets and comfy bedding. Consider sateen or silk for a luxurious look and feel.

    Besides just buying new sheets, it is also essential to take care of the old ones so that they last longer. Wash your bed sheets weekly. According to the instructions given on the label, give your comforter for dry cleaning or wash it in the machine accordingly.

    Today’s washing machines and dryers can usually accommodate not too bulky bedding or comforters. But if it’s too fat, I suggest that you take it to a laundromat.

    If you’re looking for comfortable and durable bedding, make sure to check out Portico India. With a variety of colours and patterns at your disposal, make sure you choose the best for yourself!

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