Amazing cookie boxes that will skyrocket your cookie sales

    Cookies are something that everyone likes whether they are children, teens, grown-ups, or, old people. We all grew up eating cookies and are still eating them. A cookie is such a memorable dessert and it deserves a box that is as good as the cookies inside it. Almost everyone has a cookie box in their house used as a sewing box. Mums have been saving the cookie boxes for better use. The point is that the cookie boxes are here to stay, so it should be good looking enough that you can use it for a long time.

    Types of cookie boxes:

    Cookie boxes are of many types, shapes, and materials. Different brands have their signature boxes. These cookies boxes may be made of steel, plastic, cardboard, and other types of box materials. The shapes of cookie boxes are also many and varied. Same is the truth of the concept of their design.

    Custom cookie boxes for your brand:

    Cookie boxes can be customized into a wide variety of designs. By box, it doesn’t have to be a plain cardboard box but you can choose whatever material you want for the cookie boxes. You can choose the shape of the box too. For instance, you can choose a plain rectangular box of cardboard to a round box with a lid on top. Not just this, but you can also go with a tray sleeve box type of a cookie box or a cylindrical box with a lid. You can choose from the designs already available in the market or completely come up with a new packaging concept. You can also go with the cookie boxes with a window, so the customer can see those delicious cookies too. The choice is yours and a lot of options are there.

    Presentation, the sales maker:

    A cookie in itself is a feast to the eye and a good looking box that looks presentable and unique would be a major plus to your product. Thus, a good presentation is worth investing in because in the market the presentation counts the most. The box should be eye-catching enough to sell itself off from the shelf of the retail store. The market is full of competition due to a lot of brands selling the same product at nearly the same quality and minor difference in the price, so in this kind of competition, your presentation is what makes the sale. You might have noticed yourself that you are more likely to buy the product which looks a little different from the rest. The same concept will help you with your sales in case of your cookie boxes.

    Customize your cookie boxes:

    When it comes to customization of the cookie boxes you are in control and can design the box from scratch.

    • Choice of materials:

    For the choice of materials, as mentioned above, a lot of options are there and the choice is yours to make. To make that choice, a few things have to be considered first. These things are the cost of the material, compliance with health standards, and are the material suitable for the design of your box with all the customizations.

    • Shape or Concept of the box:

    Now that the material is chosen, it comes to the shape of the box or a new concept of the box if you have any. A good cookie box may be designed by following traditional designs or by “thinking out of the box”.

    • Logo printing and other printings:

    The logo of your brand on the box is a must. You can have the description of the cookies, best before and, other stuff printed on the box too. In addition to that, you can have patterns of your choice too on the box. For instance, abstract patterns, graphic images or, of your choice.

    • Concept boxes for other occasions:

    For special occasions like Christmas, you can have special boxes with the Christmas concept. Such Christmas cookie boxes should show the colors of Christmas. Just like this, you can have concept boxes for Valentine’s Day. You can do the same on other occasions too.

    • The finish of the box:

    With all other things about the box ready and decided, the last but one of the most important things is the finish of the box. You can go with matte, gloss, embossing or, a debossing whichever suits your box and looks nice.

    Cookie boxes wholesale:

    With all these things decided and ready, now all you gotta do is have to explain the wholesalers the design and buy the cookie boxes from them. These boxes will certainly boost your sales and take your brand to the next level.

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