Addressing the Uncertainty Created by OWI and DUI Charges

    Firstly, if you are wondering the difference between OWI and DUI then you should be relieved to know they mean the same thing. OWI stands for Operating While Intoxicated, whereas DUI stands for Driving under the Influence. The acronym used can vary from state to state but the charges are usually similar. Only a few variations in penalties may occur based on the state you are charged in. DUI defense attorneys are the best bet to help you address the uncertainty that these charges can create.

    Depending on how many drinks you had, how you spoke to the officer in charge, your behavior, the rules you broke, and many other factors, the punishments can vary. It would be wise to be prepared to manage this uncertainty in advance. You may face complete revocation of your license, probation, loss of your job, withdrawal of scholarships, etc. If you are in Georgia then it would be truly helpful to hire a DUI attorney in Marietta, GA.

    Lawyers can help in benefiting from constitutional loopholes

    For example; your lawyer can completely dismiss the case against you in situations where the officer stopped you with an unreasonable suspicion. A good lawyer is well-equipped with the knowledge of how to take advantage of such situations and help relieve you of your DUI charges.

    Demand treatment

    If the concerned authorities are aware that you are seeking immediate treatment for your alcohol problems, then they gain trust that you genuinely want to improve. Your lawyer can focus on this point and convince the court that you won’t be causing any societal troubles related to drinking and driving in the future.

    Serious felony cases demand professional representation

    If you have existing OWI records on your file and have committed another similar crime, then your case will be scrutinized even more and the authorities will prioritize to punish you rather than help you. You may even find yourself serving long jail sentences and paying ridiculously high fines. Some citizens who require a firearm on them for occupational reasons may be barred from doing so.

    Relevant and established DUI defense attorneys can represent you in court and demand that your punishment is reduced in intensity. You never know how well a lawyer can churn out valuable points to consider out of nothing. Perform some research to get a better idea of what strategies does your prospective lawyer work around.

    Challenging sobriety test results

    Several times the breathalyzer used by cops can be malfunctional give out faulty results. Due to this, legal authorities will give the defendant a chance to challenge the equipment used at the time of the incident. In fact, there are parameters that decide whether or not the equipment was used as it supposed to be.

    Any discrepancies identified by your lawyer could lead to a swift turn of events in your favor. You will be surprised to know of the kind of tests that can be used to come to a conclusive sobriety level outcome.

    Experience can make all the difference

    The skill to anticipate matters beforehand and take necessary precautions is highly valuable when it comes to DUI charges. An experienced and well-trained attorney would be aware of whether your license would be revoked. If his expertise is truly efficient, he will consider the aspect where you require to travel to work and pick your kids up from school. Bringing these points up in court in advance can drastically reduce the intensity of the charges and make them more doable in the long run.

    Corporate life disruptions can be managed effectively

    The odds are that your new job applications will get rejected and receive the lowest priority when they see a DUI charge on your record. In case your charge is inevitable, it is best to figure out a place for employment before the charge is registered into your records. Your lawyer can pull some strings and get in touch with rehabilitation communities to prepare a certificate or document stating how you have recovered from drinking and driving issues.

    Although this may prove ineffective when applying to top companies, you will at least have a window open to apply for smaller organizations and keep your corporate life on track. As an adult in the USA, the worst setback you can face is a halt on your income. A professional DUI defense attorney will also work on your day-to-day case issues and address this uncertainty to make sure you are safe in the long run.

    Remember, drinking and driving is not a healthy charge and can also be impossible to remove quickly if you make additional mistakes. Some defendants have to serve probation for 4 to 5 years and perform social service until their supervisors are not convinced of a change in their overall attitude towards public safety.

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