A Virtual Guide To The Best Italian Bakery

    Is there anyone in the whole wide world who can bake better cookies, desserts and pastries than the Italians? Of course not! Even the bread they make has no match. Finding the best Italian bakery seems complicated, but settling on the desserts available in it is where the real struggle begins. As you walk into an Italian bakery, you get to see dozens of different pastries, cookies and bread. And with so much on your plate, it gets difficult to settle down on one of the desserts out of all. Not just the outsiders, but Italians themselves get confused daily when they are asked to choose one from all. Many desserts look alike, and many have unpronounceable names.

    To give you an idea about the desserts and their names that are available in the Italian bakery, here is a guide for you all. The guide has everything that you should know before you get your search results about ‘Italian bakery near me’. From the most famous Italian desserts to their ingredients, the guide has it all. So if you are still confused about how to pronounce cartellate or do not know which one to buy between the rainbow cookies and frappe then wonder no more. We are here with a list of Italian treats that can make your year terrific and full of sweetness. All you have to do is keep this list handy, so the next time you go to your best Italian bakery, you end up eating the best dessert.


    When you are on a hunt of finding an ‘Italian bakery near me’, you may get many options on the list. And one of the cookies that you will find in every bakery you go to is Biscotti. Biscotti is an Italian biscuit or cookie that was invented in the mid-1850s. During those times, the cookies were baked twice to give it the authentic taste. But now with the help of modern ovens, cookies no longer need to be baked twice. Also, it is assumed that biting into a biscotti may end up breaking a tooth and hence you should always prefer dipping it in coffee or something more substantial to avoid visiting the dentist.

    Ricotta Cheesecake

    As the name suggests, Ricotta cheesecakes are a combination of an extremely light and uber creamy cheesecake. The rich, moist cheesecake tastes heavenly with graham crackers or any other crust. Also, a fun fact about this cheesecake is that there is no cheese in it. So the next time you search for ‘bakery near me’, make sure you try out this fantastic dessert.


    If you are a fan of crisp cookies, Amaretti is the dessert you will love. Amaretti is solely made from ground almonds or almond paste and has a crunchy texture. The word Amaretti technically means, ‘little bitter things’ but surprisingly it has nothing bitter in it except the bitter almonds. So do check out the dessert made from sugar, egg whites and bitter almonds on your next visit to an Italian bakery.


    Talking about Italian bread, Focaccia is one of the most famous Italian bread all over the world. So the moment you search for ‘best Italian bread near me’, the very first bread that you will see is this ancient Ligurian bread. Focaccia is made using pizza dough. It is one of the most versatile bread that is enhanced with a variety of ingredients. You can also get a sweet version of focaccia by the name of focaccia dolce.


    Panforte is said to be the combination of candy and fruitcake. It is a healthy bread that has sweet as well as spicy flavour. The sweetness of the cake is due to the candy and fruitcake in it whereas the spicy flavour comes with ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, coriander and nutmeg in it. This is also considered a less tricky bread to bake and is liked by many Italians.

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