A Step By Step Guide To Create Your Own IGTV Series

    Everyone knows Instagram is a visual platform to drive more engaged traffic than other media. Instagram gives more prospects to learn your audience and reach them easily. Capture your incredible images or videos to post on Instagram to get viral and can get more engagement. Instagram has many more facilities for business marketers; here, we will learn about IGTV. 


    The Instagram platform provides the IGTV (video application) feature that users now save their videos posts on IGTV up to 60 minutes. Use the IGTV series to save your live videos and also here no draft options, so post your videos correctly at the first attempt. In this process, explain that you won’t be able to edit videos before sharing on IGTV; you can get likes and comments for your original videos only, not for replays. Share the viewer’s count who views the live videos. Advantages of IGTV channels there are:

    • Get visibility for your products or service
    • IGTV create more opportunities for a new audience
    • Get more engagement from long-format videos
    • Create new conversations

    Those are the reasons why marketers choose IGTV for brand promotion. IGTV videos are available in Instagram applications or separate apps; here, you can upload 15 seconds to 60 minutes. But people always love short and sweet information, so try to take videos within 10 minutes, including full details. Let us see how you create a series on IGTV; here, four steps are available to learn more; there are:

    Set your goal for your IGTV

    Set your goal to share high-quality long videos on IGTV, and everyone likes to post long term series, but time limits are very important to attract followers and audience. Please take a short series to get more engagement from it, and it works well for those who decide to start a continuous campaign or seasonable campaign. In the pandemic, people stay home; brands search for their support from IGTV while marketers hold their campaigns. It is a great tool to create brand awareness, so try to post relevant videos about it. IGTV has elements that help your brand to drive more traffic outside on the platform. Make sure your IGTV links are clickable on laptop/mobile or IGTV app that helps to attract people with you to get traffic. If you set a perfect goal that helps you post a good feed, you can create a new way to connect with followers. 

    Select the video theme and structure

    Think before what content you would like to post on IGTV and try to create unique and attractive content, but it should be simple to understand because the interaction is very important. Create advertisement video content to show who you are and what your brand is. Post your series like interview videos and Q&As and repost your video content from the other platform. Replay your live content that helps those who missed your live. Short videos are always best that should be up to 5 minutes, and you can get a wider reach within a short time when you are updating trendy news. Write a script first about how to brief your long time videos into short form. IGTV channel as well to show your brand’s creatives and give good feed, so make every scene perfect to get likes and more.

    Create a schedule

    Schedule your date & time to post a series at the perfect time. Shoot videos in advance to make a schedule and build expectations with your potential followers. But intimate before what is the next and what time is because it helps viewers never to miss your videos. Follow the consistency and frequency to hold your followers. Enable schedule options to get a notification that helps you to open your channel for the correct time. For example, you can post three days once or weekly once. Use a countdown sticker to remind them to watch your videos continuously; many people don’t know which is your link, so they get confused to click. Make a list of all episodes; People get a notification while you post a new one If people follow your page. If you are ready to publish your content on Tuesday, prepare a countdown sticker before a day. 


    Sharing your episodes’ parts to other social media accounts after your new episodes come out. You can earn money from IGTV, and the new features encourage many people to utilize the platform to get more benefits. Earn revenue through your content from potential followers. The IGTV allows repurposing content from other platforms; you can share the latest news on twitter or TikTok, funny or entertainment kid’s videos. For example, by sharing behind-the-scenes videos, you can show the other point of view to followers, and also, they always see those kinds of videos. It will create a curiosity for viewers. Three-way to cross-promote you channel there are:

    1. Post snippet of videos
    2. Take the photos during the production process
    3. Comments on other’s posts


    We hope this article will guide you to create your own IGTV series. IGTV is a great chance to promote your business quickly, and brands and influencers will create different types of series to post on the channel. It helps to maintain your consistency when you post continuously. Please spend some time writing a script before posting and get direct feedback on what they think. Encourage more users through IGTV channel for using these opportunities. 

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