8 TikTok Facts That Every TikTok Users Should Know In 2020

    TikTok is the most downloaded social media application, where many businesses and brands started using TikTok for marketing. Many still don’t understand how TikTok has become familiar. Gen Z users mostly use TikTok. Nowadays, in TikTok, many trends have been changing day by day, and so many started to show close attention to the TikTok. Some users create great hype for TikTok. TikTok has gained many millions of users worldwide. TikTok is the best marketing tool that has made people what TikTok is and is more highly relevant to the brand. 

    TikTok has more than 800 million users worldwide who are actively using TikTok. Instagram has more than a billion active users, and TikTok has rapid growth, which will make it soon. TikTok has marked more than a billion of downloading the application. Most of them spend 50 minutes in TikTok and many of using them for watching the TikTok videos. 

    TikTok is available in 150 counties and, moreover, in 75 languages.

    1. TikTok Engagement 

    TikTok monthly data is determined by the users who open the application daily. TikTok’s monthly engagement is higher when compared to the last two years. TikTok engagement is increasing in the last few years by enormously. TikTok has made its efforts, which make the users engaged regularly. TikTok influencers and brands have started making engaging videos that will make the users engaged. 

    2. TikTok Makes Celebrities To Join

    TikTok, by seeing the application’s growth, started paying for the celebrity to join them. By seeing many celebrities joining the TikTok application, many users join the application. TikTok made the influencers join the platform by paying the quoted price for joining the TikTok application. Most of the Influencers earn ten times more on other social media platform. Influencers who have millions of followers will earn more than $600 – $1000 to create and post a video. 

    3. TikTok E-commerce Business

    By following the Hashtag challenge plus it will allow the users to make the products associated with the hashtags, which are sponsored challenge, without leaving the platform. This mobile-optimized is suitable for e-commerce websites. The application enhanced the experience of the users by using TikTok e-commerce capability, which will help to gather and create a hype between the tagline and the products of the application. 

    4. TikTok Revenue 

    TikTok’s revenue and statistics are nothing but the impression of the TikTok. The TikTok advertisement makes most of the TikTok revenue. In last year’s statics, it says that by October 2019, Google Play and Apple store spent most of its application around $18.2 million on its TikTok application. Many users buy filters and effects, which will be more interesting for making the content more engaging. 

    5. Users On TikTok

    Many users use TikTok for entertainment instead of using it as a social media platform to share content. A report from the Global Web Index says that 68% of the users are using the platform to watch the videos that the other creators post. Only just 55% of the users are only using the platform for creating and posting the content. TikTok is the best place for sharing the content depending upon the GenZ. If you are creating content for making the audience engaged. It would help if you made the video depending upon the target audience and the niche you choose where most of the users are between 16-24 years old. You need to create the content that they wanted and which should be a light-hearted one. You will have a lot of fun by creating engagement oriented content. By creating engaging content that will help to bring more TikTok likes for the videos. 

    6. TikTok Influencers 

    The TikTok reach is just an unpredictable one, which made a large number of increased followers. Within a year, an influencer from Thailand has earned 1.9 million followers on the application and on the YouTube channel, having more than 5 million subscribers on the channel, which made a long time to build on YouTube. TikTok videos get more views when the video becomes a trending one, and if your video is an engaging one, then the video will be found in the TikTok feed. Many TikTokers who are new to the platform have received many followers as they have followers on social media platforms. TikTok is a new application where teenagers and adults are creating videos. 

    7. TikTok Demographics 

    The majority of the TikTok users are below 30 years, and TikTok monthly active users are below 24 years and where 52% of the users are apple users. In the United States, most of the users are between 18- 24 years. Snapchat struggles a lot to increase user growth, but the demographics are in similar age. 

    8. TikTok Advertisements 

    If the platform wants to increase the quality of its needs, a regular source of income was. Users may not know the cost that spends to maintain the application. The maintenance of social media applications is quite expensive. So, TikTok has launched its advertising platform, which helps develop the advertisements. By establishing the TikTok advertisements, the income has increased by more than 300%. For creating a hashtag challenge, it costs about $100,000. For individual branding, it cost from a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $200,000. TikTok advertisements are Biddable ads, Hashtag challenge, Brand Takeover, and branded effects. You can also create the ad group for creating TikTok advertisements. You can choose the budget and scheduling options for scheduling the TikTok ads. You can use your creative ideas in creating advertising. 

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