7 Major mistakes of web designs that affect the user experience

    A website that is up to date, attractive, and user-friendly is a valuable asset for any business owner. No doubt, that a well-structured website will help you enhance your revenue as well as give your user a terrific experience. User experience is one of the most important components to look for when creating a website design, after all in the end they are only ones for whom the website is being made. But there are many mistakes that are being made by the web designers that affect the user experience and results in the failure of the website.

    So, if your website is not receiving the desired results, then it is a clear signal that it needs to be revamped. You can rely on highly proficient professionals of website design Mississauga, which help you redesign your website effectively.

    It is important to build a website that is both attractive as well as provides customers satisfactory user experience. To help you deal with this situation, we have mentioned below some major mistakes to avoid that affects your user experience. Have a quick look at these:

    Adding Large & Slow Loading Files

    With each new day, technology is getting faster. And, with the increase in the speed of technology users expect to give minimal time to wait for the content. Therefore, adding large images or files on your website can adversely affect the user experience of your website. If your website is slow and is heavy to load in less time, there are high chances that the users from your website would shift to other websites which takes less time to load content.


    • Must avoid blank pages
    • Optimize large background images

    Use of variant typefaces

    While you are creating a website, keep in mind to use minimal typefaces as using multiple typefaces can cause confusion as well as annoy the user. It is always suggested to use typefaces of similar family and also not use more than 3 or so different typefaces on your website.


    Plan your typography ahead to make it attractive as well as powerful for your website as the typography depends upon the content you are writing and in which context.

    Using multiple colors

    Just like the usage of too many typefaces, using multiple colors can also harm the user experience of your website. It is very important to balance the look of your website in order to build an attractive website, and using too many colors can directly affect the balance of your website look. You must choose the color contrast on a prior basis so that you have an idea of the look of your own website. Nevertheless, you can always experiment with colors, to make your website look more significant but minimal the use of multiple colors for better user experience.


    You can always choose a bright color combination if you want to highlight something very important like CTA’s or any offer that you are providing.

    Too Many promotions or ADS

    Would you want that promotions and ads steal your show? Absolutely not right! Including too many promotions or ads on a single page can surely distract your user’s interest. Promotions and ads do try to allure the interest of the viewer, so place them at places that don’t harm your website traffic. Therefore, you must avoid putting so many ads or promotions on your website and that too; on a single page.


    Set a limit to use ads or promotions on a single page of the website.

    Playing Autoplay Videos or Background Music

    Generally, background music plays in promo videos or so. But, it is not a good idea for most of the websites to play it. Your website might be visited at a workplace and adding background music, might cause trouble for the user which would directly affect the user experience of your site. Similarly, autoplay videos might annoy users when played at the wrong time and in the wrong place.


    You can put users in control by setting the music to mute by default. Allow the users to turn or change it when they click on the play/pause button.

    Keep in MIND The Content Structure

    We all know that without the content; the website is of no use. It is the content that speaks for any of the websites. Therefore, the content you choose should be unique, simple, and easy to understand. But, besides this, you should keep in mind the structure of placing content on the website. You should not place content wherever you feel like placing it; as this can directly impact the interest of the visitor.


    Divide your content into title, headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and so on. This will make your website look structured and attractive.

    Horizontal Scrolling

    Most of the websites choose horizontal scrolling to make them stand out of all. But, unfortunately, this provides a negative impact on the users as most of the users are habituated with the downward scrolling and they usually miss the text in the sides while scrolling. It is suggested to use downward scrolling to make your user more linked with your website.


    You can induce in horizontal scrolling in some of the pages which contain more images and less of texts.


    It is very important to keep in mind the user experience of your website. In order for you to want your website to have a great user experience, you must avoid these above-mentioned errors. Hope these suggestions would help you in creating a unique and effective website.

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