7 Distilleries To Visit Before You Die 2021

    Every festival calls for mouth-watering delicacies paired with ecstatic spirits. Whether it’s Christmas dinner or a late-night beach party, you need a few spirits to keep your party mode on. One of the most trusted spirits, i.e., whiskey, possesses the ability to transform any meal into a celebration. But, did you ever think of tasting the delicious whiskeys right at its birthplace? If you’re a whiskey lover who likes to explore the unexplored, then keep reading. You must tick off the distilleries from your bucket list. All you need to do is make a list of the top distilleries boasting natural aesthetics and authentic whiskey preparation.

    Keep reading to know top distilleries that might fulfill your whiskey cravings once and for all.

    1. The Lakes Distillery, England

    The Lakes Distillery, England


    Here’s a distillery situated in the British premises that won The Distillery Master Award in 2017. The Lakes Distillery in England has much more to it than well-planned whiskey preparation methods. You might go for a delightful natural experience while exploring the corners of this renowned distillery. Back in the 90s, a restoration project resulted in the formation of this award-winning whiskey birthplace. You can also unveil the secrets of fauna as the distillery lies amidst the Lake district national park. Try out the authentic taste of whiskeys prepared using modern techniques. Along with this, the traditional ingredients will allure your taste buds.

    2. Jameson Midleton, Ireland

    If you’re a fan of the Irish whiskeys, then the Jameson Midleton Distillery is the right place for you. The construction dates back to the 1970s, and the distillery lies near Cork. Also, these two distilleries produce top-notch whiskeys. The whiskey prepared here belongs to Jameson, Midleton, and Red Breast brands. You get to learn about the minute details and reliable production techniques. Along with this, the distillery has a 24×7 operational restaurant called The Malt House.

    Once you observe the whiskey preparation, grab a bite at the restaurant with the delicious whiskeys right from the fermented grains. In case you wish to gain more knowledge about the whiskey preparation, visit the Irish Whiskey Academy. Not only does it help in gaining better insight into the preparation methods, but it also teaches quality testing methods.

    3. The Glenfiddich Distillery, Scotland

    The Glenfiddich Distillery, Scotland

    Travel enthusiasts like to explore the architectural marvels and aesthetic castles in Scotland. Along with the famous monuments, Scotland also harbors the popular distilleries like The Glenfiddich Distillery. Surrounded by lush green gardens and astonishing fauna, this distillery instills comfort in every whiskey lover. You must explore the Speyside city and dive into the minute techniques that give rise to such earthy whiskeys.

    The place is under the control of a family since 1887 and is quite popular amidst the Scottish sommeliers. You get to choose amongst the various whiskey tours available. The diverse duration and features of every tour type help in fulfilling your desires. Once you explore the marvels of this whiskey birthplace, make sure to explore the popular attractions. Or, enjoy the breath-taking sunset with a cocktail prepared using fresh whiskey and Andre champagne.

    4. Sipsmith, London

    Most travel enthusiasts wish to unveil the secrets of British streets and extravagant monuments. On your British vacation, make sure to pay a visit to the famous Sipsmith Distillery in London. While most distilleries in London prepare whiskeys, this distillery devotes to the preparation of fresh gin. Located in the Chiswick city, the distillery has distinctive copper pot stills, known as Prudence. You can also gaze at the extravagant Patience and Constance used in the preparation of delicious gin varieties. In case you like the tour, you can book the evening dining as well. Sipsmith super club offers prepared gin with mouth-watering food pairings.

    5. Kyrö Distillery Company, Finland

    Kyrö Distillery Company, Finland

    While exploring the world’s top distilleries, you must not miss out on the fantastic Scottish distilleries. Kyrö Distillery Company in Finland is one of the most northern distilleries offering a warm whiskey tasting experience. The place arises from the reconstruction of an old dairy. Also, this distillery boasts unique whiskey preparation techniques that you must check out.

    Along with this, the whiskey birthplace received Masters’ Award by The Distillery Masters. This was due to the ecstatic preparations and spectacular tasting experiences by the consumers. Once you check out the distillery, head out to explore the Helsinki city lying near the place.

    6. Woodford Reserve, Kentucky

    Here’s the distillery that offers you a tour of the entire city of Kentucky. Being the oldest and smallest distilleries in the town, it boasts the evolution of the place in a versatile manner. You can choose the hour-long whiskey tour that offers you a better insight into the preparation of Bourbon varieties. In case you wish to know more about the architecture of this distillery, visit the National Landmark Tour. What’s even better is that the distillery teaches you the ways to ensure better-tasting experiences as well. Every bartender must go for the Mixology presentation tour to gain better knowledge about the preparation of cocktails.

    7. Kavalan Distillery, Taiwan

    Kavalan Distillery, Taiwan

    On your travel spree to the Taiwanese premises, you must explore the first distillery in the region. Kavalan Distillery is one of the most sought after places in the country for the preparation of authentic whiskeys. The subtropical weather of the location adds to the taste and instills a better aroma in the whiskeys. Don’t forget to explore the distillery and grab a few fresh bottles for your malt lovers back home.

    Bottom Line

    Whiskey sommeliers wish to explore the top distilleries all over the world. It’s about time that you transform this dream into reality. All you need to do is prepare a list of the top distilleries and embark upon the journey. This will help you learn more about whiskey preparation and cover the essential attractions of every country you visit. What adds to the benefits is the ability to taste your favorite spirit right at its birthplace.

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