7 Advantages of Workplace Monitoring

    Monitoring employees in the workplace may sound as if an organization doesn’t trust its workers. But the truth is, installing a cell phone monitoring app or equipment in your business has several advantages and some of them even benefit the workforce. The truth is it’s impossible for you to keep tabs on your employees throughout the day, so you have to rely on monitoring systems to keep you posted on everything that goes on in the workplace. Let’s explore some of the benefits you can reap by embracing a monitoring app or system.

    1. Manage Deadlines Effectively

    Now and then managers outline a timeline for a project before delegating tasks. With employee tracking in place, business managers can track the time workers are spending on a task, the activities they are carrying out, and how they are aligning with the timeline. Insights gained from monitoring enables managers to coach employees and ensure they can work efficiently or design a new timeline. Either way, it will be a win, win situation for the business because employee tracking will prevent projects from being delayed due to inefficiencies in the field.

    Monitoring employees’ activities also enable managers to comprehend which business processes require tweaking and which are working for them. Managers can use the data to give relevant feedback to employees whether it’s negative or positive. All in all, companies that utilize employee monitoring can see enhanced growth and employee engagement.       

    1. Improves Employee Performance  

    One of the key benefit of employee tracking is it tends to boost job performance. How? When team leaders or executives actively eavesdrop on employees’ calls and closely observe how they perform their duties, workers who require additional training or coaching are easily identified. Keeping a close eye on employees, help managers isolate work habits and behaviors that contributes to shoddier performance. Since most organizations notify their employees about potential monitoring activity, the workers ensures that they do their best.

    1. Eliminate Time Abuse and Fraud 

    The world we live in is more connected than ever. As a result, employers can easily determine who is slacking and who is being productive at work. Employee monitoring enable business leaders to see who is watching porn, doing online banking, or visiting social networking websites while on the clock. The efficient tool can weed out the potentially problematic workers in a team.  

    1. Increases Customer Satisfaction

    When your staff members are aware that their work activities are being recorded, they are more likely to serve customers in the best possible way. For instance, in call centers, agents’ phone calls are routinely monitored. But, they don’t know which calls are being monitored and who might be earwigging. It encourages employees to strictly adhere to procedures and policies on each call. Furthermore, it inspires them to resolve issues in order to satisfy customers.   

    • Prevent Possible Litigation

    Lawsuit is a serious issue for any business. Emails are considered as written record and therefore, can be submitted as proof in litigation. With employee monitoring, you can prevent possible litigation as it can ensure that the quality of electronic messages are where they need to be so that accidental misuse, security breaches, and other potentially costly issues can be evaded.  

    • Avoid Common Billing Mistakes

    Often employees rely on their memories, when it comes to recording the time they have spent with clients that often leads to billing inaccuracies. This can be problematic for the bottom line of your organization as well as your company’ relationship with clients. If a client feels his bill didn’t get the attention it deserved a dispute can arise. And it can cause the loyal client to stop doing business with your firm. Not only this can hurt the revenue stream of your organization, but angry client’s negative word of mouth can seriously hamper your reputation.

    However, if a business has deployed surveillance app to track its employees’ activities a solid record will exist to show the amount of time a worker has spent on billing. The crucial information will be enough to satisfy the client knowing that they were fairly billed. Moreover, your company will be able to save some extra cash because the tracking system has recorded employees’ hours correctly.        

    • Handle Resources More Efficiently

    Sometimes it’s tough for businesses to figure out how much time, resources and effort are required to complete a given task. An executive can assume that high-priority projects will be needing more attention than those which bring in less revenue. Unfortunately, this assumption isn’t the best approach when it comes to allocating funds for different projects.

    With an employee monitoring system in place, business leaders and executives can easily determine how much time a staff member typically spends on a given task and the type of activities they perform for that task. This information gives team leads and executives a better sense of the specific client needs and they can allocate human capital and funds accordingly. In brief, the more knowledge managers have of client and employee relationships, the better they’ll be able to distribute company resources aptly.

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