6 Major SEO Challenges For Website Developers

    SEO is a search tool that can be used to boost your brand’s visibility. But while most people see it as a marketing tool that should be implemented through planning and strategy, SEO has many creative implementations in web design as well.

    Every business today, regardless of scale, has an official website. But for your website to stand out among the others in the market, your web developers need to have web development and design as well as SEO capabilities. An SEO agency can give you both these things and more, and help you overcome the major challenges that website developers face as they try to implement SEO into their design.

    Why is SEO needed in Web Development?

    As search engines become increasingly important for brand visibility, businesses are going to great lengths to ensure their websites appear in the top searches on search engines. More visibility means more website visitors which means more business.

    But with so many websites on the internet today, there are bound to be some challenges that web developers face while making a website. Here are some common issues that crop up and how to deal with them.

    SEO Challenges Faced By Web Developers:

    Mobile-First Website

    Over 80% of users access the internet on the go. Your website needs to keep this mobile audience in mind in the development stage, or you stand to lose a large chunk of your target audience. Mobile-first websites need to load faster, be optimised for a vertical screen, and provide a pleasant user experience. If any of these factors is missing, there is a high chance your users will not visit or stay on your website. This means a high drop-off rate and consequently a low SEO ranking.

    Lack of Knowledge

    To create a good website, an understanding of the fundamentals of SEO and web development is a must. But it often happens that web developers are unclear about web designs and are not even familiar with the SEO practices that they need to follow. This proves to be harmful to your business because no matter how much paid media or ads you run, results won’t show until your basics are corrected. 

    Critical thinking

    Web development and SEO implementation require critical and analytical thinking. Developers need to ensure that the solutions they offer are innovative but at the same time not beyond the understanding of the user. This is an intricate balance to maintain, but a website development company knows the right way to do it.

    Project Management

    Sometimes, too many projects come together and website developers are not able to deliver everything as promised with appropriate quality control. This can be detrimental for the brand and cost you customers. Creating a website is easy. But creating a website that uses the best SEO practices and draws more visitors than its competitors, is hard. 

    Link Duplication

    Mobile URL structures are different from desktop URLs. When you create multiple links that all display the same information, it confuses the Google page crawler, and might negatively impact your SEO. Make sure you add a ref=canonical tag to each link, to show your desktop domain as the main source of the content. This also comes highly recommended as a part of Google’s developer guidelines. 

    HTML Errors

    The smallest HTML errors can result in poor rendering on your website and can negatively impact user experience and page speed. This consequently leads to poor SEO ranking and ends up ruining your efforts. Small errors like not ensuring a disallow button on the robots.txt files on your server, can end up wasting months of campaign planning.
    While starting out, developer SEO seems like a one-person job, but with the amount of monitoring, editing and updating that is required, you will soon find yourself lacking the bandwidth. A successful SEO campaign is achieved through smaller tasks carried out over long periods. If you end up neglecting the smaller tasks regularly, your campaign won’t meet the success that it has the potential to reach. Make sure you use SEO experts so that they take care of the updates and trend watching. This will give you time to focus on more crucial aspects of your business.

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