5 Ways Technology helps with Home Improvement

    The industry of home improvement has certainly improved in unexpected ways over the years. The popularity of home improvement shows encouraged people to undertake different home improvement projects on their own. What was once only available to the rich, through technological innovations, making it possible and affordable for all. Below are examples of the different ways that technology is reshaping the home improvement industry.

    1. Renovations are done a lot quicker

    In the past, renovations were seen as major construction projects. In some cases, it can be as complex as building an entire home. This is due to the fact that construction methods and equipment were rudimentary, mostly relying on human labor to get the job done.

    Modern innovation has made things a lot easier for us. We now live in a world of convenience, where everything is within easy reach and achievable. This holds true in the construction business.

    Technological leaps like laser and smart devices make it possible to remodel homes a lot quicker than a couple of years back. Modern machines can do complete a job in only a few minutes when it took several hours or days with human hands. Take for example 3D printing machines which can be scaled up to build houses in a matter of days.

    All these innovations make home renovations more affordable and a lot safer than ever before.

    2. Better building materials

    For thousands of years, humanity huddled in makeshift dwellings made from raw materials found in nature. Huts made from plants were common in the rainforest regions of the world; mudbrick homes in drier parts of the world; igloos in the poles. No doubt the creativity of humans helped them survive the harshness of their environment but as our society became more and more complex, new construction materials were needed to support our modern lifestyle.

    Year after year, technology continues to churn out materials that are stronger, lighter, and more durable. Many products make use of existing materials that our ancestors didn’t have access to. Things like plastic, fiber optics, and carbon fibers continue to be refined, redesigned, and remade to produce high-quality products to be used in projects like home construction or renovation. The amount of these materials making their way into the market also means the prices of these high-tech materials have never been more affordable.

    3. Better efficiency through remote technology

    If you wanted to make sure your workers are doing what they’re supposed to instead of just lounging around, you had to stay on top of them. In construction, this means assigning someone to make sure everyone is working or doing it yourself. However, this is a waste of resources, both time, money, and effort. It wasn’t until remote technology become popular that this was rectified.

    A lot of construction companies make use of remote camera technology to keep an eye on their employees while working. It can be as simple as a nanny camera for home renovation projects or a complex system of CCTVs installed around a big construction project. Regardless of the purpose, it has certainly improved the efficiency of building projects.

    Remote technology has also made the workplace safer, reducing the chances of injury and accidents, and the associated delays that come with it.

    4. Environmentally friendly and eco-conscious methods are used

    With the world facing a climate crisis threatening the lives of many, there is a considerable push towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. A lot more people are hyperaware of their consumption and how it impacts the planet. More electric cars are making their way to roads and highways all hoping to curb the planet’s carbon emissions.

    In the construction and home improvement business, this mindset has also started gaining traction. Many of the home renovation projects also involve the installation of more efficient appliances all in an effort to cut back on energy consumption. Technological leaps have also made solar panels, which accounts for a lot of home improvement projects, a lot more affordable. LED lightbulbs are becoming ever more popular as an eco-friendly alternative to halogen lights. Smart homes make it possible to turn appliances and light switches on and off no matter where you are. And new and innovative building techniques produce less waste and consume less power.

    5. Augmented reality in home improvement

    One of the fastest-growing technologies in recent times is augmented reality. It is also one that so many people are quite eager to adapt. This is because technology makes use of another device that has become ubiquitous – the smartphone. With this, it’s easy to re-imagine and re-design homes before any nails have been tacked or a drop of paint applied on the wall.

    Already, there are a number of popular smartphone applications that make use of augmented reality technology to improve homes. One example is Magicplan. The application allows you to pin and grid walls and floors with a tap of a finger to determine specific dimensions and easily create accurate room measurements for floor plans.

    The app Wayfair is one that is generating a lot of buzz, especially in home furnishing because its app lets you see how particular furniture pieces they offer would look in your own home. You actually “see” the furniture in your own space before you commit to buying it.

    These cool new techs have paved the way for everyone to realize their dreams of a better and more comfortable home. Through affordable materials, better equipment, and efficient methods, changing the look and feel of any home can be done just as quickly as changing the home’s drapes.

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