5 Reasons Why You Should Go to A Licensed Financial Advisor For Life Insurance in Canada

    While the internet has made it convenient to shop for household items, groceries, stationary goods, and even financial services online, what about a complex product like the insurance?

    The information that is available online is often generalized (and this includes this blog as well), and may not be specific to your requirements. A licensed financial advisor, on the other hand, would be able to understand your requirements and financial situation and select a custom-made plan made specifically for you.

    Here are 5 key reasons why you should go to an experienced financial advisor while opting for life insurance in Mississauga or Toronto, Canada.

    1. The financial advisor works for you – not for the insurance company

    When you are getting a life insurance plan through an independent financial advisor, you will be dealing with an advisor working for you and NOT for the insurance company.

    You are the one who will be making the decisions. The power will be in your hands. Your advisor will be there to provide you key information on life insurance and guidance along your journey.

    Do you want to opt for the cheapest life insurance? Or are you okay with paying a bit more to get the best coverage for a complete peace of mind? Your licensed advisor will provide you with key advices on all the options you have thus, making sure you do not miss out on anything important.

    Your insurance advisor would even go to bat for you in case any dispute arises between you and the insurance company, helping you to solve it as gracefully and quickly as possible. In short, the advisor is always on your side.

    2. Handling of claims

    Claims handling becomes easier and straightforward through an experienced financial advisor.

    In the event of a loss, you would want to ensure that your coverage is properly in place and your claim is processed professionally and quickly.

    The advisor would provide you with tried and tested advice during the claim, helping you work on the process with your insurance company. S/He would do everything possible to ensure that the claim is fair and fast.

    3. Strict education and professionalism

    Every insurance advisor is required to be licensed. The licensing requirements and testing are strict in terms of professionalism and education – plenty of applicants do not even make the grade.

    Advisors are also required to take education courses every year to prove they are really up to date with the latest plans and information. Hence, working with an advisor, whether online or offline, makes sure you are working with a highly trained professional who knows his/her trade well and is accountable for his/her actions.

    4. The available number of options

    According to the law, financial advisors must have at least 2 insurance companies for you to choose from. The experienced ones have 5 or more companies. The best have 10 or even more.

    As a customer, multiple choices benefit you. An experienced advisor would provide you with a number of choices to help you save money and get the best possible coverage. S/He would also find discounts (if available) to add to your online quote.

    5. The option to go digital while retaining the human touch

    If you want to handle things yourself, like reviewing your policy online or on the app, many advisors offer this kind of service. At the same time, if you would like a hands-on approach, that is also possible.

    Whatever you want is possible today with most insurance advisors.

    Final Word

    An insurance advisor charges is often built into the cost of a life insurance plan. You don’t have to pay any additional fee to your premium.

    Life insurance is undoubtedly a significant expense for more people. Having a financial advisor on your side to offer you guidance and information on what to buy is a smart decision. After all, this service comes for free! So why should you not take its benefit?

     With that, we will bring this article to a close. Hope you had a good read. Good luck on your life insurance journey!

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