5 Common Misconceptions about Bariatric Surgery

    Bariatric surgery is a weight loss surgery that deals with the analysis of the gastro-intestinal (that is, stomach and the digestive system) passage of the body. In simple words, it basically deals with a reduction in one’s body weight. It includes gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, causing different physiologic changes in your body that change your energy balance and fat metabolism. However, there arise many misconceptions related to this weight loss surgery. The most common misconceptions are discussed below:

    1. Bariatric Surgery Is A Shortcut

    NO. A straight NO. This misinterpretation of the procedure of the surgery is not only common, but also undeniably strange. You have to understand that it is not easy to undergo this surgery and may take up from 4 to 6 months! Before the surgery, the patient is expected to take tests like an abdominal ultrasound, blood tests (CBC, BUN, TSH, and many more!), cardiac catheterization, chest X-Ray as well as EKG. However, the list does not end here; many more requirements are needed for the Bariatric surgery. Besides, you would still be expected to reduce at least 10 percent of your current weight before even the surgery begins.

    After you are done with the surgery, you would have, a stressed ‘have to’, maintain your weight. You would have to exercise to keep your body into its new shape; else it might start creating some serious problems.

    2. You would lose fertility

    This is very commonly told to the people who are making up their minds to go for the surgery. However, it is completely false and without any proof. The fact is that the reduction in weight actually helps in increasing fertility.

    Yet, patients who undergo Bariatric surgery are guided to not get pregnant in the first 2 years after their surgery. The reason is obvious because since the patient is in the process of reducing weight, it would not be healthy and wise to get pregnant as it can harm both- the mother and the fetus. But the statement saying that the people losing fertility is absolutely false and irrelevant.

    3. After Bariatric Surgery I wouldn’t overeat

    For a provisional duration, yes. Permanently, no. The weight loss surgery would affect your brain and your habits for sure. For instance, the uncontrollable urge to binge eat food and sugar, would vanish for some time. It completely depends upon you for keeping this change permanently. This weight reduction surgery changes the way your brain works, by dealing with the biological and chemical reactions taking place within. It means that you might be at the risk of getting back into those unhealthy habits again and may even have anxiety problems. The best way to avoid all this is to remember why you went for this surgery and keep your mind disciplined, always.

    4. The bariatric surgery will make you thin

    A expected out of weight loss surgeries, this is not true. The surgery would help to reduce the extra, unwanted and unnecessary fat. You are expected to lose about thirty to sixty percent of your extra weight after the surgery. However, you won’t certainly get thin just like that. The goal of the surgery is to make your Body Mass Index (BMI) normal, which indicates the good health of the body. That is the main goal of weight loss surgery. You would be called ‘fit’ but sure enough, not ‘thin’.

    5. The weight loss surgery is dangerous

    Ah, and so is everything else. With the tremendous development in the technology that we have today, the Bariatric surgery is completely categorized as a safe one. After all, the surgery would help one reduce the risks of having a cardiac arrest and other problems like obesity, hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks,  cancer, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure. Now that is what we call dangerous.

    Research has found that the risk is lesser for the people who have undergone the weight reduction surgery than the ones who are still obese.

    So, it is definitely a better option to go read about the myths so that you can reduce your weight rather than dropping the idea and stay obese forever!

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