4 Types of Gym Towels That Every Gym Should Have

    If you are planning to open a new gym or fitness center then you should put in a lot of time and consideration into buying the right kind of gym equipment. The kind of classes and programs that you’ll be offering and what kind of benefits your gym members will receive. As you have so many crucial decisions to make, it can be easy to overlook one of the most crucial decisions “What kind of gym towels you should have?”

    As a gym owner, you would want to provide the best gym experience to your customers. This includes offering top-level comfort and convenience, fill your gym with super soft and durable gym towels, and washcloths. 

    Choosing The Right Cotton Towel For Gym

    To pick the best cotton sports towels for Gym, you need to consider the fact of what kind of gym you operate. How well your clients will be able to use the towels you offer them and who are the best cotton terry towels manufacturer?

    1. What Kind of Gym You Have?

    It is common knowledge that different kinds of gyms need different types of cotton sports towels. Before purchasing, first, determine what category of Gym you are running.

    • Public Cardio & Weight Training Gym: Public cardio and weight training gyms are more casual than other types of Gyms. Clients come during working hours and go after finishing their workout. No one stays after their workout and working hours.
    • Team Building Focused Gyms: Team Building focused Gyms are catered towards businesses that send their employees for team building exercises. They focus on a specific sport for the whole team or multiple activities.
    • Luxury Health & Wellness Spa: While luxury health centers and fitness spas have on-site gyms and fitness centers. These institutions combine activities like Yoga, meditation, or other mind-body activities. The clients visit these luxury spas and wellness centers during a retreat or a holiday as a part of a comforting holiday. 
    • School Locker Rooms: School locker rooms are near or on the school grounds and they are close to the school Gym. They are used by school and college kids to meet the physical requirements. 

    2. How Clients Will Use The Gym Towels You Provide?

    While choosing the type, style, and quantity of sports towel for your gym, you need to ask yourself questions such as: 

    • Who: Who will use your towels? Which age group do they come into and what are their activities daily? For Instance, a youth center will require tons of towels that are super sturdy, whereas a luxury retreat center would require super soft towels. 
    • What: What will your clients use the gym/sports towels for? Considering this factor is very important as it will help you determine whether you need towels for showering, hand washing, equipment cleaning, or sweat absorption during workouts.
    • When: How often your clients will use your towels? The answer to this will help you understand how durable your towels should actually be and how many towels you need to buy? For example, a 24-hour open exercise center with hundreds of members will need a lot of towels. Even more than a school locker room. 
    • Where: Location is a factor most people ignore, but you need to consider the fact whether your clients will be using the towels both indoors and outdoors? Where will you store the towels? Whether the place is a humid environment or a dry place? Will the towels get stained? The answers to all these questions will let you know how strong and durable your towels need to be. 

    3. Choosing a Towel That Meets Your Style

    You need Gym towels that are absorbent, quick-drying, and cost-effective, but what about their appearance? The way your towels look can add an everlasting impression on your clients. If the towels are up to their expectations it helps in building brand loyalty. Choose the best cotton sports towels by following the below-mentioned tips:

    • Choose The Perfect Color: Most gyms and wellness centers choose white towels as a rule of thumb. Keep in mind white towels are not your sole option. Sports and Gym towels are available in multiple stylish colors, patterns, and designs in the online market. A Youth Center would prefer to get vibrant colors and attractive patterns for the users. A business team building Gym on the other hand would prefer solid colors that speak about professionalism. 
    • Customize Your Gym Towels: one of the best ways to personalize the towels and make them more brand-friendly is to have a logo printed on it. There will be more than one instance where your clients will mix up ordinary towels and towels provided by you. Branding them will also make it easier for you and the clients to keep track of the towels.
    • Make It Match: To maintain a professional look, make sure the color and any design on your towels match or compliments the theme of your institution. That’s not all, the gym towels should also match with hand towels and washcloths.
    • Present Them Well: Unlike your towels and washcloths at home, you wouldn’t want to store your towels in the gym in a closet or store. They should be easily accessible by the guests and they should be presented in a professional way. Few of the most popular way to do this is to rolling your towels or folding them in unique ways. You can also keep the towels in decorative baskets or on a shelf in an interesting way.

    What Kind of Gym Towels Should You Choose?

    Every gym should have at least four different types of towels to offer to the guests. Each towel serves a distinctive purpose and can have multiple applications. Here are the types of towels that you absolutely need to have.

    1. Economy Gym Towels

    Economy Gym towels are often available in several sizes and they are made with 100% pure cotton. Why should you have them at your Gym? Consider these factors:

    • Quick-Drying: Cotton is known worldwide for its quick-drying feature. The faster a wet towel will dry, the less prone it will be to bacterial and mold growth. This makes the towels stay hygienic and last longer.
    • Comfortable: Cotton is soft, plush, and does not harm sensitive skin. Your clients will definitely love the type of comfort and softness it provides after a long workout session.
    • Absorbent: Cotton absorbs 40% more water than any other material. So getting cotton sports towels for your gym is a wise decision and it will help in drying your clients after the workout. 

    2. Premium Gym Towels:

    Nearly 40% of users go to the gym to get rid of the stress of their daily routines. You can make their experience even more stress-relieving with the help of Premium sports towels. As the name suggests, these cotton towels provide premium comfort, strength, and performance. The best sports towels manufacturers make premium sports towels with superior quality cotton. What makes it premium is that the towels have a higher number of loops that help in making the towels more soft, durable, and comfortable. The towels are easily available in all the colors, patterns, and designs that are sure to match your theme. Premium cotton towels are suited for the below-listed situations:

    • Luxury spa and retreat centers that specialize in comfort and relaxation.
    • Fitness towels with a lot of members can utilize premium towels
    • Gyms that are catered towards providing a better and more premium experience.
    • School locker rooms where kids have sensitive skins.

    3. Hand Towels For Gym

    Hand towels are smaller than the standard size gym towels but larger than washcloths. Whether you own a gym or a spa, hand towels are as crucial to have like the normal towels. Some primary uses of gym hand towels are:

    • To dry hands and face after washing them. 
    • Absorbing sweat while working out.
    • To wipe down the equipment before and after use.

    Hand towels come in several sizes, ranging from 15 to 25 inches. You can also choose from the economy hand towels and premium hand towels based on your needs. 

    4. Washcloths For Gym

    Your Gym should have towels of all kinds, including washcloths. Washcloths are smaller than standard towels and hand towels, but they are equally as useful as standard gym towels. Here are a few reasons you should have premium gym washcloths:

    • Can be used by Gym members to wash their face after a workout. 
    • To help the clients exfoliate their skins during a shower.
    • Can be used by gym members to remove any makeup before an intense workout session
    • To help keep the guests’ faces dry during their steam room session.

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