4 Marketing Strategies to Adopt during COVID-19 Pandemic

    None of us was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why the current crisis is having an unprecedented impact on almost every aspect of our lives. From personal relationships to the way businesses operate – everything has to adapt to the “new normal” that the pandemic has brought us.

    As a business owner, you must acknowledge that what worked previously in favor of your business will not necessarily work during this COVID-19 crisis or the years to come. You need to think of different ways to communicate and engage with your customers. Here are a few digital marketing  strategies that can make the difference:

    1. Boost your digital campaigns:

    Due to the pandemic, a majority of people are staying at their homes and spending most of their time on digital platforms. So, it is the perfect opportunity to maximize your digital marketing efforts to get results.

    There are some effective ways to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns. Utilize the AdWords such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram for Business, or LinkedIn Ads, to boost the traffic to your online offerings, including:

    • Informative blogs and videos
    • Online order-placing windows for your products
    • Online services that your business has to offer
    • Deals and discounts that your customers can redeem while availing a service/product

    Besides the ad campaigns, you can also invest in personalized email marketing. The social media presence of a brand can also make a good impact on the customers. Communicate and engage with your audience to ensure they know how your business is doing during this crisis.

    It will be better if you use these digital marketing avenues to inform the customers of how your business is changing its operations to make the services/products safe for them.

    • Update Your Google My Business Listing:

    Enlisting in Google My Business will make your business more visible to the local searches. However, you need to optimize your entry and fill out the necessary details if you want your business to appear among the top search results.

    Google My Business will also allow yourcustomers and prospects to learn the latest news and information about your business. It will show whether your business is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, or you are still offering your services with some changes in the working hours. Whatever it is, you need to keep your entry updated for effective customer engagement.

    The updates you make on your GMB entry won’t affect your existing visibility on the search results. Even if your business remains temporarily closed, your entry will still appear in the search results. Also, it is important to take note that the changes you make in your entry don’t appear immediately. Google publishes the updates only after reviewing them.

    • Guest blogging:

    As you continue to post informative and engaging content on your website and social media accounts, you should also consider writing guest blogs for other popular assignment help websites. This tactic will help you siphon a significant percent of the traffic that the particular website generates from your post.

    Even though the website does not usually pay for writing guest posts, you can earn a backlink that allows you to get some traffic to your website from that post. While your website receives additional traffic, the backlinks will also help boost the SEO of the linked post.

    It is recommended to write guest posts for websites with higher domain authorities. If you get a backlink from an authoritative website (with higher DA), it appears more valuable to search engines like Google.

    You need to produce quality content while writing a guest post. Otherwise, your post will never get published in the third-party website and fail to capitalize on the audience base of that website.

    • Be more careful about what you share:

    While continuous social media activities can help your business interact with the audience, you need to be very careful about what you share or post on your social media accounts or website.

    As you may know, there is a lot of misinformation circulating on the internet during the COVID-19 crisis. You don’t want to end up as one of those businesses that share wrong advice or information to its audience. It can damage your reputation severely.

    You need to be sensitive about those who are having COVID-19 cases in their locality and families. You also need to make sure that everything you share is authentic and does not breach any of the guidelines outlined by the authorities.

    You may think removing an inappropriate post within a few seconds won’t harm your reputation. But with more people on the internet right now, you cannot take that risk.

    In conclusion,

    These are challenging times for everyone. However, it is also an opportunity for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies and make the most out of this situation. If you can get the hang of this “new normal” before your competitors, it will give you a massive head-start for at least a couple of years.

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