10 best movies worth watching For Everyone

    Movies watching or online binging everyday is routine for most of us these days. So, its better to find the list of perfect movies for a good healthy self-isolation time. A selection of unforgettable, motivating and simply wonderful films that are worth watching in your life. You can watch all of these on Soap2day and have a wonderful movie ride.

    This movie cannot leave you bored out and these have been the blockbusters of all times:

    Fight club

    Tormented by constant insomnia and hopelessly trying to slip out of an unbearably dull life, a gloomy employee runs into some Tyler Darden, a charismatic businessman selling soap with a strange philosophy. Tyler is convinced that cultivation is the fate of the squelch, and destruction is what you need to live.

    Forrest Gump

    The main character of the film, a demented and kind person, shares his incredible life story. He managed to become a famous football player, military hero, successful entrepreneur. He earns billions, but still the same stupid and naive simpleton.

    The Inception

    Cobb is a talented thief and burglar, one of the best. His job is to steal priceless secrets from a person’s subconscious while he is dreaming. In the world, he became a very valuable shot, but because of this, he lost everything that he loved so much. At one wonderful moment, he has the opportunity to change all his bad deeds. His last work can return everything to their places, but for this he needs to do the initiation. Now Cobb does not steal the idea, but implement it.

    The Matrix

    Thomas Anderson is an ordinary office plankton, but as soon as night falls he turns into a hacker under the nickname Neo, who can climb into any nook and cranny of the network. But one day he is seeing and realizes that everything around is just an illusion, or rather the Matrix. All people are just a source of nutrition for the all-seeing artificial intelligence that has long captured all of humanity. And he has to enter into an unequal battle with AI.


    The near future in which mankind was overtaken by a massive drought, which led to food starvation. A group of researchers decides to travel through a black hole to try to relocate humanity to another planet.


    A cold-blooded killer Leon, who does not know pain and pity, accidentally meets his beautiful neighbor Matilda, whose family died from the bullets of policemen who were selling drugs. And Leon first encounters a feeling of love.

    Back to the Future

    A male named Marty, thanks to a time machine created by his friend Professor Dr. Brown, moves from the 80s to the 50s. There he meets with his still young parents and his friend Brown, who is still young with everything.


    A young man named Andrew dreams of becoming a great musician. And his dream is practically realized, he is noticed by a genius, conductor of the country’s best orchestra. The guy’s desire to succeed in music quickly turns into an obsession, and a tough mentor continues to drag him more and more beyond his physical abilities. Who will be the winner in this fight?

    The Brave Heart

    The film takes place in 1280. We are talking about the hero of Scotland, William Wallace, who devoted his life to the struggle against the English king Edward the Longfoot. The father of Ulyam was killed by the British, after which his uncle sent him to Europe and gave him an education. Having matured, he returns to his homeland with a dream to start a family and live a peaceful life. But his future wife is being killed by the British and he is gathering a crusade for the liberation of Scotland.

    Requiem for a Dream

    All the main characters of the film strive for their dreams. Sarah Goldfarb wanted to star in the well-known television show, her son and her friend wanted to become rich, her son’s friend dreamed of her own boutique, but it was not so simple. All the hero is stuck in drugs. Dreams still remain dreams, and the lives of heroes fall into the abyss.

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